Screen shots

Your clinical information is saved, interpreted, displayed in graphical form, which is useful for your doctor as well as you for tracking baby progress.

Why and what is HCG Expert ?

The more the information you provide , the better will be the quality of HCG Expert’s data analysis

Get online results interpretation

Allow the early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, so this preventable complication does not occur !

View graphical data for pregnancy outcome

We believe this will encourage patients to share information about their medical outcomes; and collate and analyse this data to improve the medical knowledgebase about the correlation of HCG levels and the pregnancy outcome

Improve patient engagement

We hope this will serve as a proof of concept which specialists in other medical fields can build upon, to help promote patient-generated evidence based medicine

Empower patients

HCG Expert can empower patients with information therapy, so they can make sense of their own blood test results , rather than have to depend upon a doctor. This tool will help to demystify medicine and allow patients more control over the medical care their receive during their pregnancy


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